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Soshi for Mayor of Tokyo!!!

What a fantastic way to see Tokyo. Soshi was so informative and friendly. He kept
us all safe and made sure we had great fun too. We saw more on that bike ride than
we did in four days. Such a much nicer way to get around than via the underground
or bus. Thanks for the stop for “Ganmo”(Fried Tofu with Mixed Vegetables) at Tofu
shop and can you believe we also saw the Sumo wrestlers coming out of the stadium –
and the palace and the maids and where all roads lead to the centre of Tokyo wow wow
wow THANK YOU Soshi and Miracle tours – you are welcome to Townsville any time and
we will show you around
Val and Maddy Townsville Australia

Tokyo Bike tour

We have just finished the tour with Akira and Nori who were 2 relaxed and cool young guys. We had them to ourselves for the day and were blessed with sunshine, no wind and a really good day for riding. The sights were plentiful on the all day tour and we arrived back just before 4.30pm as they allowed my wife to venture into some shops on the way. Furthermore they took us a to an authentic Japanese restaurant for lunch and being Australian we seemed to be a hit with the locals. There was a lot of the old Tokyo on the tour with the small lane ways which certainly added to the experience. We don’t feel that we have to take any other tour whilst we are in Tokyo so thank you boys!!

tokyocycling tour

Wonderful Intro to Tokyo

I did the Panoramic Tokyo tour with Akira and Nori (Kochi). This was a great 23km bike tour around the city headed by two great tour guides. They were extremely helpful and friendly and took the time to explain details in English.

You will get a great idea of the spots to hit in the city and some good exercise. The city is mostly flat so its really easy to tour around. You will be cycling from 9:30 to 3:30 (plus or minus), so you will be ready for a nap before dinner.

Akira also empressed us with his guitar stylings at the end. Really wonderful musician.

Thanks guys for wonderful memories!

From Philadelphia


Excellent way to see Tokyo close up

Soshi was very knowledgeable of Tokyo and it’s culture. He is very funny and easy to understand. The picnic lunch and ferry ride just added to the uniqueness of the tour. Will definitely do another one, if I am ever in Tokyo again.
Debbie, From Texas


A fun and unique way to experience a fascinating city

We had a fantastic time on our Tokyo Bay tour; it was absolutely the highlight of our visit. Our tour guide, Soshi, especially, should be complimented. The tour was both fun and informational. It was fast enough that we were able to cover a large area, but with enough stops to allow us to enjoy the fascinating Tokyo scenery. The bike route was easy enough to accomplish, even for us occasional bikers, and gave a cool look at the tempo of everyday life in Tokyo, something very few tours are able to do. Soshi was extremely good about answering any questions we had – and we had a lot!– and tended to our small group’s needs. He even brought us out of the scheduled tour program to check out the Imperial Palace at our request! We highly recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for a fun and unique way to experience the city. Definitely would book a trip again the next time we are in town!

From New York


Great way to see the city

Traveled with my 10yo son and had a great bike tour of the city. I would highly recommend it. Covered most of the city. A must if you have time.

From Michigan


A must if you are in Tokyo

This is a great way to see the bay area of Tokyo. Our guides were extremely patient and helpful and took us to a wide variety of sights throughout the area. We saw the mix of modern and traditional throughout the city and learned about traditions, etiquette and culture that we would have never known if we were on our own.
The tour took about 6 hours and there are hills and times when you have to weave around pedestrians on the sidewalk. The guides made sure that everyone stays together and that no one is left behind. You stop for lunch midway and then have coffee at the end. It is a great time to talk to the guides and learn more about the city and the culture. Our guides seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to chat with us and learn more about us too.

From San Diego

Wonderful way to see Tokyo!

Our family of four recently completed a Tokyo bicycle tour with Soshi KUWATA. We loved it. All of us (two grown children ages 22 and 24, my wife and I, ages 57 and 58) really enjoyed ourselves on the bike ride.

They crew at Miracle Bike Tours enjoys what they are doing. They do this work because they love spending time this way. That feeling comes through in how they work with their customers.

Soshi speaks English well enough. If you do not speak a word of Japanese, you do not need to worry. He can communicate with you in English to take care of everything. We speak some Japanese, so while doing the bike touring, we were also able to exchange a bit of language study back and forth.

The bikes used by Miracle Bike Tours are first rate. They are built to meet the needs of city riding. The bikes are very lightweight, yet sturdy. The brakes are excellent. The gears change either up or down really easily. Overall, the bikes were a pleasure to use.

The bike tour guides at Miracle know the streets and routes that are well suited for biking. If you were thinking of just renting the bikes and taking off on your own, I would seriously urge you to reconsider that- unless you really know the intricacies of the neighborhoods, streets, and short-cuts in the area where you will be riding. And even if you think you do, it is very unlikely you will know them better than the guides at Miracle. It was totally hassle free and danger free to ride with Soshi. He knows what routes to take, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Overall, we were very pleased with the bike tour experience. Soshi is the founder and owner, and his dedication and passion for this type of work makes it a very enjoyable and personable experience, rather than a commercial transaction.

Thanks to Soshi and the team at Miracle for providing the great service that they do.

Steven Miller

living in Singapore

tokyo cycling tours
tokyo cycling tours
tokyo cycling tours
tokyo cycling tours
tokyo cycling tour

Best cycling tour in Tokyo!

I have done many cycling tours with different operators in Tokyo, Soshi is the best! The route he took me on the 6hrs cycling tour was beautiful and spectacular! We cycled the Old Tokyo area during Autumn! Highly recommend!

Douglaus from HongKong

Guide speak really good English ! He take me to the picturesque place even not shared in Guide book ! I difinetely recomend everyone to join this brilliant cycling tour !

Alan from Ireland
Kamakura cycling tours

Best way to see a guided tour of Kamakura. The guide gave great anecdotes about the city. What a fun and relaxing day.

Mrs Ono Mrs Ito



After 4 times visiting Kamakura, it was a brand new experience! Not only the attractions and hidden places were really interesting, but also soshi’s stories, and anecdotes about the places, filming locations were real fun!

Mrs Ms Watanabe


This is a wonderful tour of Kamakura. It takes you to all the major sites of Kamakura but also through wonder ful little alleyways and another side of Kamakura that you wouldn’t see on the bus tours. Soshi was an excellent tour guide, very knowledgable, funny and interesting.

Mr Sasaki Mr Suzuki

MrShimizu Mr Yoshida


I loved absolutely everything about this tour. Soshi was very patient and supportive. He showed us places we’d never been able to see. I also loved that he told us about the history behind each place we visited. If you are looking for a bycicle tour in a familiar & relaxed atmosphere then this is the tour to take.

Ms Nagayama Mrs Yoshino


One of the best ways to see kamakura is on a bike and Soshi was the perfect tour guide for us. We thoroughly enjoyed our 3 hours on the comfortable and "easy-to-ride" bikes. soshi was fun, friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He took us to many of the traditional sites but it was the smaller, more "out-of-the-way" points of interest that we remember. We have already recommended Soshi and MIracle cyclingTours to others visiting Kamakura.

Sakura Natumi


I would highly recommend this tour. Our guide, Soshi, was friendly and knowledgeable. We saw a lot of hidden spots in the city which would never have seen by walking. Biking the city is a great way to get a lot covered in a small amount of time. And a great way to feel like you are truly a part of kamakura.We saw and learned more about the city in three hours than we ever would have in three days of walking. The bicycles were in excellent shape and soshi is a wiz at any adjustments that need to take place. The place you have to go to in order to pick them up is worth the tour alone. miracle cyclingTours is excellent and well worth your time and money.

Mrs Yasuda


It’s nice to see Kamakura from the perspective of a bike! We had a great time and saw places we never would have ventured on our own. So glad we took the time and it was totally affordable too!

MR MRS Yoshida


If you have one day or many, if you are 20 or 70, MIracle cycling Tour is the BEST way to see Kamakura!! Soshi is an awesome guide. You felt safe, found those secret get aways, and saw all the main attractions. I would do this again!!! Thanks Soshi.



Really enjoyed a "one day " tour of Kamakura . The group was only 5 people so had lots of chances to visit and have our questions answered. Have already recommended this tour to others. Thanks, Soshi.

Ikumi kumi


One of the best ways to tour the streets of London. The tour guide is extremely knowledgeable and shared lots of stories and his insight along the way which made for a really great experience along with other tourists. Highly recommended!

Satoru   Ai    Ryohei



The bike tour was great! Soshi was very knowledgeable, friendly and made sure that everyone was safe. He also gave us valuable tips to get the most of the sightseeing we did. Highly recommended!



Very nice bike trip. It took 3 hours with a lot of stops. You don’t even feel the time. The guide, Soshi, was so cool and informative. Indeed, if you’re visiting Kamakura for the first time, this is what you need to do on your very first day. You’ll be Kamakura acquainted :)

Mr Nagasawa





Our guide Soshi did an outstanding job of shepherding us through the city, taking us to sights we hadn’t seen on previous visits, and may not ever have found. Kamakura is a city of monuments, historical sights, modern architecture, cozy alleys clogged with people, On this ride we wove, down side streets.The bikes were sturdy and comfortable, and we were given the option of wearing a helmet. At each stop Soshi provided historical context in a witty, knowledgeable manner. This tour was the highlight of our Kamakura vacation. Seeing the city–whether for the first time or the fifth time–on a bicycle provides a different perspective, and I highly recommend Kamakura MIracle cyclingTours as a means of doing this. I look forward to riding on one of their other tours the next time we’re in Kamakura.




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