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Sumo wrestling tournament started!

Hello everyone!
How’s everything going?
In Tokyo, Sumo tournament has started since last Sunday.
Actually, many people think it’s difficult to have a tournament during the state of emergency but they did it!
So I can’t not go and enjoy Sumo!
Before they have actual fights, they have a ritual.
Originally, Sumo started as a ritual praying for a good harvest and against evil spirits like disease.
Now is a perfect timing to hold Sumo tournament to win against pandemic!
Also before they fights, they through salts to purify the ring and themselves.
Japanese people think it’s not just a sports but also spiritual thing.
There are some foreign Sumo wrestler too. one of the popular Sumo wrestler, Tochinoshin is from Georgia.
I really had a great time and hope you can join Soshi’s Tokyo Bike Tour and enjoy Sumo wrestling next time!