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We are on Tokyo’s News Paper!

On 1st July, We are on Tokyo’s News paper, Tokyo Shinbun.
Here is the detail. I made a translation.
Please check it out!
Title : Traveler’s Bike Tour
This man is a Traveler. I had an intuition.
8minutes walk from Shimbashi station, The biking tour in Central Tokyo area, Soshi’s Tokyo Bike Tour’s office is there.
In their office, the world map is hung on the wall, souvenirs from all over the world on the shelf.
“I learnt English when I was traveling.” The owner and the Guide, Soshi Kuwata ,35 said.
“You can see the town from local’s view. “ He started up his business 9years ago.
The company uses only website for advertising but customers come one after another because of good reputation.
I also joined the tour to find out the secret of popularity.
I had fellows from Netherlands, Puck, visiting Japan for her High school graduation trip and her aunt, Lonnie.
Let’s get started!
Mr. Kuwata explain something every time we stop for traffic light during we bike in a row.
From Shiodome to Ginza, he says “here is like 5th avenue in New York”.
At Ningyo cho “Marionette town” go across Sumida river to Ryogoku Kokugikan,” A Sumo Arena”
At KyuYasuda Japanese Garden, we encountered a couple wearing Japanese Kimono who were taking marriage photo.
Passed Akihabara “electric town” ,
We went past runners and tourists from all over the world around the Imperial palace.
Relaxing business men and strolling nursery kids at Hibiya park.
After we finished our 3 hour bike tour, they had prepared cold drinks and chocolates in their office.
Mr. Kuwata politely answered all queries about sightseeing .
“It was fun! And He is nice guy too! “ Lonnie said .
You can meet the local Tokyo and hospitality of travel lover.
I think I found the secret of this tour’s popularity.
Tokyo News paper