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Ginza Tenkuni

Do you know Tokyo’s 4 speciality since Edo period(1603-)?
Sushi of course, Soba noodles, Unagi(eel) and Tempura.
Surprisingly, Japanese didn’t eat beef until Meiji restoration, about150 years ago.
Now Wagyu, Japanese beef is very popular in the world though.
Today, I would like to introduce you casual Tempura restaurant. “Tenkuni”
About 10 minutes walk from Soshi’s Tokyo Bike tour office, the edge of fancy Ginza area. Tenkuni is there.
Opened in 1885 as a small stall. Believe it or not, Tempura was just a fast food at that time. like McDonald’s. And in 1924, relocated to current location.
At lunch time, they offer reasonable lunch tendon (tempura on bowl of rice. )set menu.
Shrimp, fish, kakiage(mixed vegetable and seafood) tendon and pickles and Miso soup.
And the price is 1,100yen. Not bad huh?
Enjoy eating Japanese cuisine and also rich Japanese history and culture.
Ginza Tenkuni