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Just White-Bread!!!

Ginza Nishikawa Bakery
Nowadays, “Shokupan” (white bread) boom is coming.
New opened bakery called “Ginza Nishikawa Honten”.
Luckily there was no line this day.

Ginza Nishikawa Bakery
They sell just one bread “Shokupan”!!
2 loaves of bread = 864 yen !
It’s not affordable for me, but, I love to try new things! xD

Ginza Nishikawa Bakery
It was still warm ♡
Recommended to eat with nothing, just the bread, and yeah!
Sweet, soft, tasty, yummy yummy yummy!
I don’t need butter, jam, just bread is perfect!!!
I couldn’t stop eating!
I ate 1/4 in a flash (*3*)
Next day, I toasted and it was also delicious!!!!!