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Bike Tours

Tips of our bike tour ④!!!

“The Speed”

I would like to introduce our bike tours more!
Today, about the speed/ pace of our bike tour.

The avarage speed is 13km/1hr, 25km/1hr at top speed.
(ex. walking: 4km/1hr, Usain Bolt: 37.6km/1hr!! )
We will keep gentle pace always.
Our bike tour is not go! go! go! bike tour.
It’s a Guided Sightseeing Bike Tour!
If you are looking for something like high speed road racing tour, it might be different…

Relaxcing ride in interesting Tokyo town, we will stop several places to take rests, learn and experience the place and take photos.
Just follow the guide :)
If you can follow the guide’s instructions and follow the traffic roules, it’s completely safe!
But please watch out the pedestrians movements..hehe
It’s getting more and more unexpected, because of iPhones, maybe ;) hahaha

We will go through main streets, back streets and side walks.
Being able to ride a bicycle without any problem is necessary but don’t need to be super experienced biker.

Let’s enjoy mega city Tokyo by Bicycle!!!!!!

Hibiya Godzilla