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Tips of our bike tour ③!!!

“What to wear”

Before busy holiday season begins, I would like to introduce our bike tours more.

“Bring something Windproof and/or Thermal wear!!!”

Clothes are very important!
Well prepared never get freezing!

In general, winter is very cold in Tokyo about 5 degrees in the morning and evening, around 10 degrees in daytime.
Here is our guide, Soshi’s outfit of the day.
Soshi's ootd in winter

Windproof jacket, Neck warmer, Warm pants and Leggings, Warm Socks + Gloves.

Also Down jacket, Knit, Boots, Beanie, etc. are not too much.

Some guests wore just jeans, a T-shirt and a Hoodie!!!
Yes, they were freezing…

Please prepare something wind proof!
If you have ski jacket, yes! bring it!

I know I (a typical Japanese female :) am sensitive to the cold more than travelers from all over the world.
However freezing for 3 hours must be super tough, well prepared never get freezing :)