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Bike Tours

Tips of our bike tour ②!!!

“The point of each tour”

Before the busy holiday season begins, I would like to introduce our bike tours more!

We have 3 different tours.
We sometimes receive this question, which tour should I/we take?

Please check below if you can not decide the tour.

Central tour:
Good combination between popular Tokyo and local Tokyo.
(I like to bike through local areas, especially in this route, interesting! :)
This route is almost flat about 17km.
This will be the most relaxing ride in these 3 tours.
Recommendable for the first time Tokyo travelers, families including kids.

River Side tour:
Enjoy cycling along the river.
This route is about 19km and there are some hills.
We will across some bridges, if you know how to change gears, that would be awesome!
Recommedable for someone who needs fresh air, families including kids, less crowded.

City Side tour:
Biking through the latest fashion town.
This route is about 20km and there are hills.
City side is a valley so there are hills everywhere.
However it’s not steep hills, also the hills don’t last too long.
If you can keep pedaling, that would be no problems!
Recommendable for someone who prefers to see new Tokyo quickly!
(a bit hard for kids, maybe… but if kids are good good bikers, no problem.)

Easy lavels:
Easy: Central tour
Middle: River Side tour
Middle +α: City Side tour

All tours are required to know how to ride bicycles.
(not only in parks, used to do it on streets)

Why Cycling tours are good?
—You can visit famous traveler’s areas and local areas quickly, some places you may never know by travel guide books, then if you like it, you already know the name/place (of course you can ask us!) so you can go back after the tour to see more!

—If you bother to think about “what to do in Tokyo”, join us!!! We take you to Tokyo sightseeing. All you have to do is “Pedaling” :) hahaha

See you in Tokyo!!
guide Soshi
The guide and owner, Soshi :)