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The Subculture Town Akihabara

What is Japan famous for?
Sushi? Onsen? Mt.Fuji? polite people?
Of course those are Japanese icons but now a days, Japan is famous for Anime!
There is a town called the mecca of Anime. Yes, Akihabara. We simply call this place “AKIBA”.
And AKIBA is in one of Soshi’s Tokyo Bike Tour routes, Tokyo Central Bike Tour.
Here is very unusual place. Once you enter this Akihabara district, there are full of neon signs, anime characters, videogame shops. This town is very colorful and lively.
This place reminds me my childhood. I played videogames until midnight when I was high school student.
There are some secondhand videogame shops and those old videogames are on sale. You still can buy original 80’s Mario Brothers!
Akihabara’s history as a electronics town started in 1940’s.
After the world war, people started to sell radios here.
In 1960’s, with rapid economic growth, more electronics were started sell here such as TV, washing machine, refrigerator.
In 1980, famous videogame company, Nintendo released Famicon (also known as Nintendo). So many videogame shops appeared. Since then, Akiba became to the mecca of Subculture.
Time goes by, there are a lot of unique shops now. Anime, videogames, electronics, maid cafe, cat cafe etc etc..
It’s very interesting to be here. Why don’t you join Soshi’s Tokyo Bike tour and experience Japanese unique or weird culture?