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The Best Cake Ever♡♡

Look this!!!!!
“Mont Blanc Aux Marrons” (chestnut cake)
We call Mo-n-bu-ra-n.
The store “FOUNDRY” makes this beautiful super delicious cakes.
The head store is located at Karuizawa in Nagano prefecture.
They are making fruits cakes in each season.
Chestnut in Autumn, Apple in Winter, Melon in Spring, Peach in Summer, etc.

This cake is amazing(♡3♡)
Anyways, amazing, crazy yummy!!!
I will definitely try each season’s cakes.

Their branches are in many places in Tokyo and Osaka.
In Tokyo, department stores at Mitsukoshi Ginza, Keio Shinjuku, Shinjuku Takashimaya, Tokyu Toyoko Shibuya, Seibu Ikebukuro, etc.
If you are lookig for something Japanese sweets, this is one of them!
Worth it(^^)

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