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Sumo Exercise with Sumo Wrestlers!!

During summer vacation, Sumo Exercise was held by “Rikishi” (sumo wrestler) at Ryogoku Sumo Stadium.
In the morning (7:30am-), total 15 days were held in July and August.
No reservation is needed, just go and join them!

Sumo Exercise
When I arrived at Ryogoku, Rikishis were running around the stadium!

Sumo Exercise
Many children, neigbors and sumo fans!

Sumo Exercise
Rikishis are in front of us, following them.

Sumo Exercise
Looks easy, but not easy at all xD

Sumo Exercise
After 30 minutes exercise, we can have time to take photos with Rikishi, chance to talk with them, also can get some souvenirs!!

Sumo Exercise
They are really kind and friendly.

My sumo lover friend asked me to go this exercise!!
Thank you!
It was great fun in the morning!