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Get one-coin-coffee at Star Bucks Coffee!

Do you know that we can get a coffee refill by 100yen at Star Bucks Coffee in Japan!!?

When you order Hot coffee or Iced Coffee,
you will get this coupon at the bottom of the receipt.

“One more coffee”

Which means you can get another cup of coffee by 100yen.
Same size, hot or ice, new cup,
any shop is okay, same day until 24:00!!

For example,
you order “tall hot coffee” at Star Bucks in Shinjuku in the morning,
keep your receipt,
go shopping or go sightseeing or join our bike tour ;)
then, you may want coffee again,
visit Star Bucks Coffee anywhere,
show your receipt and get “tall hot or iced coffee” by 100yen!
Super cool!! isn’t it? xD

I happened to know that in the United States,
we can get a coffee refill by 50cents!!?
Same shop, same size, same cup, if you leave the store, it will be invalid.
Is that true? :)
So, if I want to stay all day at Star Bucks Coffee to study something, read books, chat with my friends, that would be nice!!!!!

One more information,
in Japan,
the cost of one-more-coffee will be 150yen from this November ;)