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Winter has come to Vending Machine

Hot Canned Coffee

It’s time to have Hot Canned Coffee in Vending Machine in Japan.
In front of Tokyo Miracle Cycling Tour Office, there is a vending machine and the vending machine has started selling Hot Canned drinks.

Hot Canned Drink is common in Japan.
You may find everywhere at Vending Machines, Convenience stores, Supermarkets…
I didn’t know that Hot Canned Drink is uncommon in many countries.

There are various kinds of Canned Drinks.
Here is problem for tourists.
Some packages don’t have English letters.
So, you need to guess what types of drink is this by package desighs.
But it’s not so hard:
Black package may be Black Coffee, Green packege may be Green tea, Beige packege may be Cafe au lait or Milk tea, Brown package may be Cocoa, Yellow package may be Hot Lemon or Corn soup.

We also have Ice cream Vending Machines, Bread Vending Machines, Cup Noodle Vending Machines, Snack Vending Machines, Toys Vending Machines etc.
You can find those special Vending Machines everywhere especially at Train station Platform.
I saw train figure Vending Machine at Yokohama station’s Plarform.

When I was elementary school student, I went to Swimming school every week.
My Swimming school has Ice Cream Vending Machine!!!
I like Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich:)
The swwinming school had time tryout once a month.
If I got good records, my mother would let me buy Ice cream!
I couldn’t get good records several times, but my sister got good records…
Of course my sister got Ice Cream, so I tried to get a bite from my sister’s ;)
Good memory♪

One day, in front of vending machine,
I said to guests that “These are Hot Drinks.”,
the guests would not believe what I said.
So I said “It’s true, it’s hot, hot coffee.”,
then the guests said “Okay, I will try it.”
Hot Canned coffee came out, the guests grabed the drink,
and “Waoh! That’s true, it’s hot. I have ever had Hot Canned Coffee in my country. It is amazing!”

We also have Hot Cocoa, Hot Strawberry Milk(?!), Hot Lemonade, Oshiruko(Sweat red-bean soup), Corn Soup and etc.
My friend tried to drink Hot Strawberry Milk.
She gave it to me to tasting.
I took a sip of the Hot Strawberry Milk,
uhh…It’s okay, not bad…
Anyway, I prefer cold Strawberry Milk!!

We sometimes take a rest during cycling tour with Hot Drinks.

Winter is too cold for you to cycling?

No problems!

In winter, scenary will be more clear than summer.

Why don’t you enjoy bike tour with us in Tokyo?

The bike tour must be unforgettable memory in your travel!

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