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Strolling in Kyu Shiba rikyu Gardens

Kyu Shiba rikyu Gardens

I went to Kyu Shiba rikyu Gardens to take a walk after lunch.
It’s 10minutes walk from our office and near Hamamatsucho station and Daimon station.

Here is the site of a former shogun residence.
Actually, Kyu Shiba rikyu Gardens is reclaimed land.
Here was ocean… Can you believe this?!

Admission fee is 150yen.(good! not too expensive.)
They also offer an annual passport for 600yen.
I came up with a good idea!
Eat lunch in this beautifull garden everyday with annual passport:)
I saw some office workers and neighbors took lunch at bench in this garden.
Some couples were having a date, lay on the lawn.
Such a nice way to spending time with boyfriend/girlfriend.
I decided to do next date!

Well, when I entered Kyu Shiba rikyu Gardens, the scenery suddenly changed.
Calm, Quiet, Peace, Green,,,
I wasn’t able to believe that I’m in super busy bussiness area!
Am I in Tokyo?!
(Around Kyu Shiba rikyu Gardens is super busy bussiness area, it’s called Hamamatsucho.)
There is beautiful Wisteria Trellis, big pond (it’s called Dai-Sensui) and small island(it’s called Nakajima) in the center of Dai-Sensui.

Amazingly, the stone formation on Nakajima survived from 350yeas ago.
I was watching same stone formation that shogun watched!
and it still exists! It’s super exciting!
That’s why history attracts people.

The big pond, Dai-Sensui was drawing sea water from Tokyo Bay.
People enjoyed the changes of the pond that occured by the ride and fall of the tides.
How romantic they were!

This garden is also full of flowers and plants.
When I visited there, Jugatsu Zakura have been in bloom.
(Jugatsu Zakura is a kind of cherry blossoms.)
Trees haven’t turned red yet though. I absolutely visit again Kyu Shiba rikyu garden when the leaves start turning red.

I also saw one couple who were taken wedding photos by a pro cameraman.
They were wearing Kimono.
Wedding Kimono is more beartiful and gorgeous than general Kimono.
That was awesome!

This garden is not so big, so you can visit here after/before visiting to Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple. (It’s about 10minutes walk away.)
Taking picture of Tokyo Tower from Zojoji Temple is stunning!
It’s my favorite!

kyu shiba rikyu gardens