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Recovering from Jet Lag

Have you suffered from Jet lag?
If so, why don’t you join our cycling tour?
Some exercise is good for your body and brain.
After cycling tour, you may be a little bit tired, so you can get a pleasant sleep !

Actually many guests who are from all over the world joined our tour when they just arrived in Japan at the day of the cycling tour. Everyone said that cycling will be better than staying at Hotel room.
That’s right——–!!!!!
Expose yourself to the fresh air wakes you up.
Comfortable sunshine makes you fine.
Moreover, exploration Tokyo by bike at the 1st day in Japan, you can get to know the place of Tokyo, so the next day, you can go around Tokyo by yourself without wasting time!

There is nothing better than Cycling Tour !
The best season for Cycling is coming !

We look forward to seeing you !

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