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This district is called “Kappabashi Wholesale Street. The Kappa is a mythical and imaginary water sprite which lives in Japanese rivers and lakes. This district’s drainage was poor and this area was often flooded, so they tried to construct ditches, but it didn’t go well. Seeing that things weren’t progressing,the Kappa of Sumida River helped out with the construction work, and and the work was completed successfully 200 years ago. You can find Kappa decorations in stores and Kappa statues along this street. There are about 150 stores in this area. You can find everything you need to your own restaurant or to decorate your kitchen. There’s a variety of plastic food samples such as replica sushi, tempura, spaghetti, pizza, ice cream, or whatever. You don’t have to be a bulk buyer, you can buy them as unusual souvenirs. Key – holders feauturing plastic sushisamples are very popular among foreign turists. How about putting several different kinds of food samples on the table at a dinner party ? They look more real than the real thing.They are sure to surprise your guests.