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Today is “Girl’s Festival Day”
2017 Doll's Festival
This doll is called “Hinaningyo”.

When parents got a baby girl, they or their grand parents will buy “Hinaningyo” to the baby girl.
This Hinaningyo is said that it’s praying for the health and happiness, taking away bad luck from her.

There is an ancient tradition, after the Girl’s Festival Day, we have to put the dools back immediately.
If not, the girl can not get married for long time. haha
I don’t know it’s true or not :D

When I was young, the dools were a little bit scary for me x(
I know why!!
Because Japanese horror movies, mangas, dramas, books, etc. often use this kind of dools for curse things…
This doll is rebirth of dead person!
This doll will be crying at night with real tears!
This doll can walk, when you go to restroom, the doll will be following you!
Something like this!!!
So, kids have the image of horror for Japanese traditional dolls.
I’m not sure is it just for me?
Maybe it’s not everyone but some ladies will say Yes! ;)

Anyway, I liked Girl’s Festival Day a lot.
Yes, foooooood!!! :D
On that day, we will eat “Sakuramochi”, “Sushi”, “Hina-arare snack”, etc.
2017 Doll's Festival
This is “Sakuramochi”.
Sakura flavored mochi with red bean paste inside and wrapped with salted Sakura leaf.
2017 Doll's Festival
Yummy Yummy day♪