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Access from Shinjuku station

 2 ways 

1) 40min, 200yen
JR Yamanote Line + walk
Easy to find the station and platform.
You can use JR rail pass.

2) 30 min, 220yen
Toei Subway Oedo Line + walk
The platform is underground(B7F).
Some hotels are very close to this station/ platform.


1) JR Yamanote Line


JR Shinjuku station

・ JR Yamanote Line
・ Bound for Yoyogi/ Shibuya/ Shinagawa
・ (200yen 26-28min)

JR Shimbashi station HIBIYA EXIT/ SL Square

・ 8min walk

Soshi’s Tokyo Bike Tour Office


↓Direction from Shimbashi station↓

Access from JR Shimbashi station

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2) Toei Subway Oedo Line


Oedo line Shinjuku station

Toei Subway Oedo Line
・ Bound for Yoyogi/ Roppongi
・ (220yen 18min)

Oedo line Shiodome station EXIT 8

・ 5min walk

Soshi’s Tokyo Bike Tour Office


↓Direction from Shiodome station↓

Oedo Line Shiodome station 

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