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The old Tokyo is still here NINGYOCHO

Tokyo has been developing so fast but there are some places where you can feel good old atmosphere of Tokyo.
In one of our bike tours TOKYO CENTRAL BIKE TOUR, we stop at Ningyocho town.
Ningyocho is located east of Nohonbashi, the business town.
This little Ningyocho town still has vibes of Edo period(1603~1868).
In 1940th, Tokyo was heavily damaged by bombing but Ningyocho was miraculously survived.
First, in 17century, Ningyocho was thrived as a red light district but burned down by fire.
A Red light district moved to Yoshiwara, near Asakusa after the fire and instead of that, many theaters include marionet theaters opened. Ningyo means marionet or puppet, cho means town. Name of Nongyocho comes from this history.
Now only one theater is left. Famous Meijiza theater. But this is not marionet theater anymore.
Here in Ningyocho there are still many family running business such as Japanese sweets shops, sandals shop, kimono shops, lacquer bomboo box shop, etc etc..
This town is a perfect area for short snack stop in Central Tokyo Bike Tour.