Tokyo Day and Night Tour

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●●4:30 p.m. Meet at Our office●●  



Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Hibiya Park●●

Hibiya Park was built in 1903 and it is the first Western style park!!!

We can enjoy many kind of flowers and plants in each season.


東京下町ツアー ●●Imperial Palace●●

Emperor and Empress live in Imperial Palace.

Their family live in Akasaka Imperial Villa.


tokyo cycling tour

The most famous electric city, and also,
here is known as Mecca of geek!

One of the symbol of Akihabara is “Maid Cafe”.


東京下町ツアー ●●Ryogoku●●

Ryogoku Sumo Wrestling Stadium!

If it’s in season, you may be able to take pictures with sumo wrestlers!


東京下町ツアー ●●Old Ningyocho Town●●

“Ningyo” means puppet, “cho” means town.
About 400years ago, there were full of Kabuki and Joruri theaters.
Here is real Japanese “Shitamachi”(traditional old town).


tokyocyclingtour ●●Nihonbashi Bridge●●
(Zero mile stone)

There is a highway over the Nihonbashi bridge.
It was built in the 1960s for Tokyo Olympic(1964)!!!


Tokyocyclingtour ●●GINZA●●

Go through Luxury Ginza street!

“Gin” means silver, “Za” means guild.
About 400years ago, silver coins were minted here.


at office2

Aroud 7:30p.m. Arriving Our office!!!

Let’s take a break with Beer, Coca-Cola, Coffee, Green tea and Snacks!!
We did 16km ride!! (10miles)

Thank you for coming!!!

Fares and more information

5,000yen(child U18)

imperial palace

hibiya park2
・Including tax, insurance, rental bike, helmet, guide, water.
・Please pay at our office on the day of the tour. (cash/credit card)
However, if booking request is made 5+ days prior to the tour date, payment in full is required at time of reservation. We will send you Credit Card settlement form.
・You can leave your luggage at our office.
・Our bikes have small bag and bottle holder.
・Our bike tour is not a serious bike ride, it’s more like a sightseeing ride.
・Be sure to wear something comfortable, casual and sporty. (T-shirt, Sweater, Jacket, Polo shirt, Jeans, Short pants, Sneakers, whatever!…)
・We will stop several spots to take pictures and talk about histories.
・We do not cancel the tour due to rain. We are preparing rain gears.