Tokyo Bay Side Tour

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●●9:30 a.m. Meet at Our office●●  



Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Ginza●●

Go throgh Luxury Ginza street!

Land price of Ginza is the most expensive in Japan!
It is said that the price is 34million yen per square meter!!!


Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Tsukiji Fish Market●●

The biggest fish market in the world!!!

Watch out Turret Trucks!!
Fish Traders are busy so they drive very fast!!!


Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Tsukudajima Island●●

Tsukudajima was original small island.
That island was reclaimed and became bigger in 1600s.

Old Japanese atmosphere is still left!!!


Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Odaiba●● Lunch Time!!!
(Including tour fee)

Head to Odaiba!!!
Acrossing some bridges♪ 
Enjoy the ride and scernery, if the weather is fine, we can see Mt.Fuji!!!


Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Tokyo Cruise●●

Get on a boat with bikes!
Enjoy 20minutes Tokyo Bay cruising♪

The ship goes under the Rainbow Bridge!


Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Zojoji Temple●●

Zojoji was family temple of Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo period.The place of 6 Tokugawa Shogun are sleeping.

Perfect place to take picture of Tokyo Tower with Zojoji!!!


Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Tokyo Tower●●

Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 as a TV broadcasting tower. 333m tall!!!
It was the tallest tower in Japan at that time.

Tokyo Tower is lit up at Night and it is super wonderful!!


Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Atago Shrine●●

There is steep stairs to the Atago Shrine, it is called “Promotion Stairs”.
Atago Shrine is located at Mt. Atago and Mt. Atago is the highest natural mountain in Tokyo 23wards.


Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●Hibiya Park●●

Hibiya Park was built in 1903 and it is the first Western style park!!!

We can enjoy many kind of flowers and plants in each season.


Tokyo bayside cycling tour ●●GOAL●●

Around 3:30 p.m. Arriving Our office!!!

We did 18km(11.3miles) Ride!!!
Have a break with Beer, Coffee, Tea and Snacks!!!

Thank you for coming!!!

Tokyo bayside cycling tour
Tokyo bayside cycling tour

One person 

10,000yen(Adult) 8,000yen(Child-U18)

・Including tax, insurance, lunch, water bus, rental bike, helmet, guide,
snacks and drinks.
・Please pay at our office on the day of the tour.(cash/credit card)
・You can leave your luggage at our office.
・Our bikes have small bag and bottle holder.
・Be sure to wear something comfortable and sporty.
・We will stop several spots to take pictures and talk about histories.
・You can join just 1person and, of course, big group!
・We do not cancel the tour due to rain. We are preparing raincoats.