Tokyo Half Day Tour -RIVER SIDE-

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office ●●Meet at Our office●●
Meeting time, 9:15-20am!
Are you ready to go adventures?!☆


Tsukiji Ohashi Bridge ●●Tsukiji Bridge●●

New road! New bridges were opened finally!!!
Connected from former fishmarket to new fishmarket.


Toyosu Ohashi Bridge●●Toyosu Bridge●●

Fabulous view from Toyosu Bridge!
Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower!!!


Toyosu River Side ●●New Toyosu Fish Market and the River Side●●

Here is New Toyosu Fish Market.
Such a fun and relaxing ride along the river!
We can see 2020 Tokyo Olympics athletes’ dormitories are under construction.


Fukagawa ●●Monzen Nakacho●●

Traditonal temple town.
Famous temple is “Fukagawa Fudodo”.
Visit and feel ancient Japanese culture!


Eitai Bridge ●●Eitai Bridge●●

Stunning view from Eitai Bridge!
Tokyo’s Manhattan is here!


ecchujima island ●●Sumida River Side●●

Enjoy the ride along the river!
This river is connected to Asakusa area. (Sensoji Temple, Big red lantern, near Tokyo Skytree)


tokyocyclingtour ●●Tsukudajima island●●

Old fishermen village, now quiet residential area.
Familiar side dish “Tsukudani” was originated here.


Tsukishima ●●Tsukishima Monja Street●●

Monja street. “Monja=Japanese pancake”, not sweets, it’s savory!
There are over 70 restaurants.
Oh~, smells good! I’m getting hungry!!


Tsukiji Outer Fishmarket ●●Tsukiji Outer Fishmarket●●

Inner Fishmarket has moved to new place but Outer Market are staying here!
Sushi restaurants, Kitchen knife shops, Bakery, Coffee bean shops, etc.


Ginza, Tokyo ●●GINZA●●

Go through Luxury Ginza street!
“Gin” means silver, “Za” means guild.
About 400years ago, silver coins were minted here.


Goal ●●GOAL●●

Back to Our office!!!
Aroud 12:30 pm
Let’s take a break with Beer, Cola, Coffee and Snacks!!
Thank you for coming!!!
Fares and more information

imperial palace

autumn leaves

・Including tax, insurance, rental bike, helmet, guide, water.
・Please pay at our office on the day of the tour. (cash/credit card)
However, if booking request is made 3+ days prior to the tour date, payment in full is required at time of reservation. We will send you Credit Card settlement form.
・You can leave your luggage at our office.
・Our bikes have small bag and bottle holder.
・Our bike tour is not a serious bike ride, it’s more like a sightseeing ride.
・Be sure to wear something comfortable, casual and sporty. (T-shirt, Sweater, Jacket, Polo shirt, Jeans, Short pants, Sneakers, whatever!…)
・We will stop several spots to take pictures and talk about histories.
・Of course! You can join just 1 person!
・If you have a big group (more than 5 persons), please email us and check availability first.
・We do not cancel the tour due to rain. We are preparing rain gears.