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Tsukiji Autumn Festival !


I went to Tsukiji Autumn Festival 2015!
(from 2015/10/10 to 2015/10/11)
There are many kind of well-known restaurant’s cars!
Smells good! Looks yummy! Can’t wait to eat!!

Today’s my favorite is “Tori Paitan Soba” (soup noodle)
The soup makes broth with chicken, the soup is thickness,
a perfect combination between soup and noodle!
Delicious! Oishi—!!
I ate up this soup noodle in a flash.

The restaurant is “Ginza Kagari” and located around 4-chome Ginza.
(There are usually long line though…)

It was a great food festival, as might be expected of “Food town Tsukiji”.

Tsukiji Autumn Festival

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