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Tokyo North Cycling Tour

We added New Tour to our Full day Tokyo Cycling tours.
We named it Tokyo North Cycling Tour.
You can visit hidden japanese sight which is not listed on your guide book !

Gokokuji temple

Main hall of Gokokuji temple. It was built 1697.
It was designate as an important cultural property.

Zoushigaya Missionary House Museum

Zoushigaya Missionary House Museum.The Old Missionary Museum of Zoshigaya was built as the residence for an American missionary, John Moody McCaleb, in the 40th year of the Meiji Period (1907).

Mint museun

Mint Museum
Japanese coins are minted here.

Otome road

The atmosphere suddenly change .
Otome road. (girls road) Mecca of cosplayer.


Zoshigaya Kishimojin hall. it was build 350 years ago.

and we will visit japanese garden, chinzanso, Tokyos Paris, Kagurazaka and so on.
Why don’t you come and try our New Tokyo Cycling tour ?

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