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The gareden of Mito-Komon

Koisikawa Koraku-en was the family garden of Tokugawa Mitsukuni – better known as Mito-Komon – a grand son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, whose legendary travels to halt corruption and capture crooks have been made famous by many TV dramas. Completed in 1629, Koisikawa Koraku-en is now the oldest Garden in Tokyo. Although but a fourth of its original 64-acre size, it remains one of Tokyo’s tresures.The garden reproduces famous sites from both China and Japan. Higlights include the arching “Full Moon Bridge,” an island-studded central pond, and a pair of small waterfalls. Mitsukuni is said to have loved plum trees and his garden is a teatament to this.March is the best to view their red and white blossoms.

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