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Tamahide (Ningyou-cho)

Tamahide (Ningyou-cho)

Tamahide has a history of almost 250 years and is known as the inventor of Japan’s popular egg and chicken over rice dish, called oyako donburi (“parent and child rice bowl”). So that is the dish you must order.
The more economical selection is at lunch, but expect to wait 30 minutes for a seat, for Tamahide’s legendary flavor draws long lines every day. Inside, the building is new and the place settings are simple. If you have trouble maneuvering the rice to your mouth with chopsticks, the restaurant provides wooden spoons.
Tamahide’s founder, Yamada Tetsuemon, was appointed official fowl slaughterer for the shougun, a post the family held until the shougunate ended in 1867. The same family runs Tamahide even now.

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