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Sakura with Tokyo Tower☀

Can you imagine when those cherry blossoms are in full bloom?♡
That’s gonna be Sugoi! means awesome! adorable! fantastic!!!

Just one cherry blossom is in full bloom in Shiba Park.
And yes!
There are already people who are enjoying Hanami♪
Doing picnic under the cherry blossom tree.
Drinking, eating, dancing (maybe), chatting, sleeping…
Anyway, if you are having fun, anything is okay :)

When you become a Hanami leader,
you have to go to the park at 5:00am or 6:00am in the morning ;P haha.
Especially at Ueno Park, Sumida Park and Yoyogi Park ;)

This Sakura tree is budding!
Buds of cherry blossom are also cute♡
Center of Tokyo has image of concrete jungle.
But in fact, there are so many cherry blossoms that you can enjoy Sakura biking(^▼^)d

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