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Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills
Roppongi Hills
In trendy Tokyo, everything new―until tomorrow, when all fads fall before the next popular attraction. However, tomorrow has not yet come to Roppongi Hills, a city-within-a-city real estate development in the Roppongi nightclub district.
The dream of real estate mogul Minoru Mori, Roppogi Hills is a tribute to modern design, with spacious walkways, multiple levels, a public amphitheater, small Japanese garden, a nine-screen cinema, shops, and restaurants galore.
As if that were not enough, to top it all the complex boasts a 54-story glass sky-scraper, which at its peak houses the highest museum in the world. It’s a futurist’s dream.
See it before tomorrow finally arrives, and Roppongi Hills loses its rank to the next cyber development. The new Omotesando(_) Hills project―also by Minoru Mori―is already pushing into the spotlight.

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