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Bon Dance!!!

Went Bon Dance Festival at Hibiya Park.
Last year, around 40,000 people visited this festival in just 2days.
There were many people, many Yukata girls and boys, cute♡
Also there were many kind of food and drink wagons, beer, juice, shave ice, fried chicken, okonomiyaki, french fries, kebab, yakisoba, etc.
2017.August.hibiyabondance1 (2)
Smells good, getting hungry~~~~~

Here is Bon dance Place!
People surround fountain, make circle and dance, dance, dance♪
Several people know very well how to do Bon Dance.
So everyone is watching them and trying to do Bon Dance!
Not too difficult, everyone can enjoy bon dance even if it’s first time!

Someone is dancing, someone is chilling on the grass :)
Nice music, nice food and drinks, nice temperature!
It’s typical Japanese summer thing!


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