Center of Tokyo Tour


●●Meeting point is our office●●  
Please come to our office by 9:20am.



tokyo holy ride ●●Shibaura Canal●●

Going along the Shibaura Canal.

Enjoy the ride!


tokyocyclingtour ●●Sengakuji Temple●●

Do you know Keanu Reeves’s movie “47 Ronin”??
The story was happened in 1703.

Sengakuji Temple is the place of 47 Ronin are sleeping.


tokyocyclingtour ●●Happoen Garden●●

It is Japanese beautiful garden!

Here is also famous for Wedding Ceremony.
You may see some wedding couples who are wearing gorgeous Kimono.


TokyoCyclingTour ●●Tokyo University of Medical School●●

This area is called “Shirokanedai” and known as an upper-class residential area!!!


tokyocyclingtour ●●Roppongi●●

Roppongi area has a lot of Night Clubs!!!★☆

Don’t let yourself loose too much, but,,, Have Fun!!!!!


tokyocyclingtour ●●Aoyama Cemetery●●

The famous dog “Hachi” is sleeping next to his master’s.
In Spring there are cherry blossoms, In Autumn there are autumn leaves, those are absolutely stunning!!!


tokyocyclingtour ●●Yoyogi Park●● Lunch Time!!!
(Including tour fee)

If the weather is great, we will take Bento Box in Yoyogi Park!!
A part of this park was used as athletes’ dormitories in 1964, Tokyo Olympic!!!


Tokyocyclingtour ●●Meiji Jingu Shrine●●

On New Year’s day, for “Hatsumoude”, this shrine is the most visited shrine in Tokyo!
Next to this shrine is super busy busy crowded Harajuku area, but here is quiet and calm and full of greens.


tokyocyclingtour ●●Harajuku●●

Looking at ”Takeshita street”.

Takeshita street is the place for teenager to go shopping and to eat sweets like “Crepe” and full of “Kawaii” stuffs.


Tokyocyclingtour ●●Meiji Jingu Gaien●●

Tokyo Olympic Main Stadium in 2020 will be here!!

Now, it’s under constraction.


tokyocyclingtour ●●the State Guest House●●

Here is a place to recieve state guests.

Wall of the building is white, Roof is emerald green.
How beautiful is this!


tokyocyclingtour ●●the National Diet Building●●

The center of Japanese politics.

The building is symmetry,
on the right side is the House of Concilors,
on the left side is the House of Representatioves.


東京下町ツアー ●●Imperial Palace●●

There is a famous taking photo spot! “Double bridge”
The stone bridge is in front, the iron bridge is behind.


tokyocyclingtour ●●GOAL●●

Back to our office around 3:30pm.
Let’s take a break with Beer, Coca-Cola, Coffee, Green tea and Snacks!!
We did 23km ride!! (14.5miles)

Thank you for coming!!!

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imperial palace

autumn leaves

・6 hours bike tours are available for only Private tour.
・If you have any food restriction, please do not hesitate to tell us.
・You can leave your luggage at our office.
・Our bikes have small bag and bottle holder.
・Our bike tour is not a serious bike ride, it’s more like a sightseeing ride.
・Be sure to wear something comfortable, casual and sporty. (T-shirt, Sweater, Jacket, Polo shirt, Jeans, Short pants, Sneakers, whatever!…)
・We will stop several spots to take pictures and talk about histories.
・We do not cancel the tour due to rain. We are preparing rain gears.